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Dear Sir or Madam Our firm was founded in 1999 thanks to love, fascination and dreams. Love for wood, this generous natural material, fascination with opportunities of wood building and dreams about creating an ideal family house where every generation will find its place for work and rest.

An ideal house:
It's a pleasant coolness in the hot summer day.
It's the cosy delicate warm in the long winter evening surrounded by magic crackle of logs burning in a fireplace.
It's a light touch of tears of the first spring rain.
Thanks to natural inhalation, it's also a sweet deep dream and easy awaking.
To create an ideal house, we have been looking for and finally found the ideal solution. We've combined unique values of wood coming from polar regions of Russia and Siberia with famous precision of german machines. Therefore, the materials of the best qualities have come into being from this alliance.

Thanks to that, you will find by us that what you've been looking for, dreaming about, what will be fascinating you many years. It means a log home.

For years a man has used wood as a building material. The most natural method of this type of building is a one skeleton log contruction in which logs are being put one on another. The unique vivid effect of this type of construction is immediately noticeable after entering the house which is built in such way. Thanks to ventilation qualities of logs, the climate is created in natural way as well. Thanks to warm radiation of pure timber, logs also have an important positive influence on people's mental life.

Of course these homes will be as long ecologically pure as no chemicals will be inserted. Unfortunately domestic experience in this field isn't the best as well. Many investors require to impregnate timber with special chemicals, although it is known that unless water and moisture endanger the timber, it needs no impregnating. Moreover, the wood is dried and four-sided planed. Such wood is exactly required by building technology of log homes.

Ladies and gentlemen
Experience of log building. The best carefully selected material using for building and finishing (Northern pine, Siberian larch). Professionally worked out and improved projects. They all let us introduce You our firm offer.:

Log Building
We build summer and all-year cottages according to our own or client's projects. For building we use:
- profiled logs 72mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm thick
- cylindrical logs from 160mm to 280mm (Northern pine)
- cylindrical logs from 220mm to 280mm (Siberian larch)
At client's request we build houses of Siberian cedar.

All-year log houses (72mm-150mm thick) need extra insulation with mineral wool. The 200mm thick log house doesn't need any extra insulation.
K=0,45 W/m2C for 220mm thick log without termal isolation
K=0,32 W/m2C for 72mm thick log with 100mm termal isolation

In that regard that timber is a natural material which keeps the average humidity depending on environmental conditions, it is normal the fractures and cracks appear.

Redecoration and overhaul
We also offer redecoration and overhaul of log houses. We possess our own redecoration and finishing materials.

Outside finishing:
- log siding (own feather)
- wide semicircular panelling (block-house) - imitation of cylindrical log 30x125mm, 40x145mm (Northern pine)
- wide semicircular log 30x125mm, 40x145mm (Siberian larch)

Inside finishing:
- wide and narrow panelling
- wide and narrow semicircular panelling (block-house)
- panelling (scale)
- lining-board(wide, narrow and semicircular)
- wall panels (varnished plywood with printed pattern)
- floor plank from 22mm to 45mm (Northern pine, Siberian larch)

Such word as a house makes many people think of a cosy wooden cottage situated somewhere near a forest. And crickets are twittering behind the window in the garden full of coloured flowers. A fire is burning brightly in the fireplace and a cat is purring friendly on a sofa...

Not only in our dreams we try to run away from predatory architecture of big cities, concrete buildings and asphalt roads. Most of us live in blocks of flats and sometimes it's too tiresome. We suffer from lack of time, heavy traffic, the noise on the streets and small flats. We often miss open space, fresh air and spring water.

More and more city-dwellers decide to buy a log home at the countryside. Some people use it not only in summer. Others lured by attractions of country life decide to settle there permanently. In their new homes they find what they've been looking for all their life. Life is safer, more pleasant, quieter and healthier then.

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